HSHI is building a dream, with first-class shipbuilding and marine products that meet the needs of the 21st century.


The corporate symbol mark of HSHI.
is made of two triangles that convey a sense of stability.

The triangle symbolizes the ancient Egyptian 'pyramid' that represents the architecture of humanity and also symbolizes 'stability', which is considered most important by this company. The golden and green colors express how HSHI. prospers afresh endlessly, like how a new sprout grows to become a leafy shade.


When in use for negative, Hyundai Green shall be used with Hyundai Light Green.

When using the signature, the standard regulation of the combination must be strictly observed to not change the shape and it shall be used in consultation with the company's C.I. Management department.

Color System

The main color 'HHI Blue' represents the trust that the company accumulated through the expertise and long experience as a leading technical company.Hyundai Heavy Industries Group secures the consistency of the group's design by observing the color system.

    1. PANTONE0005A5
    2. CMYKC93 M71 Y9 K0
    3. RGBR0 G83 B165
    1. PANTONEFAA518
    2. CMYKC3 M45 Y89 K0
    3. RGBR250 G165 B24
    1. PANTONE00AB4D
    2. CMYKC77 M9 Y90 K0
    3. RGBR0 G171 B77