HD HYUNDAI SAMHO is building a dream, with first-class shipbuilding and marine products that meet the needs of the 21st century.

Founder’s Statement

HD HYUNDAI SAMHO Whatever it is, it can be done by the person who thinks they can do it.

The success or failure of any work depends on the mindset and attitude of the person doing the work. Even theoretically and academically impossible things can be accomplished if supported by an enterprising spirit, a pioneering mind, and passionate effort. The power of the mind is the source to achieve these things.

Korean is the people that can overcome any difficult situations with strong willpower once they make up their minds.(At the groundbreaking ceremony for Hyundai Heavy Industries in March 1972)

One that believes in oneself to be able to do anything wins anything. You cannot achieve more than what you are suspicious of and you cannot do anything if you don't believe yourself in doing it. (At the construction site of Jubayl Industrial Port in 1976)

There is nothing you can't achieve if you never give up in the middle of something and keep making effort.(While doing manual labor in his mid-20s)

The more people say no to my goal, the more my resolution to achieve such goal becomes firm and the more it drives me to work hard and intensely to achieve the goal. (While planning Hyundai Shipbuilding in 1970)

The most lethal mistake above all is to give up.(When constructing No.1 Unit in 1973)

I have a goal to make Hyundai into the most transparent company rather than the biggest company. If we create the most transparent company, it will be able to grow into the most efficient company with the greatest public confidence in the whole world, including Korea.(During a special lecture for executives at Hyundai Group in 1983)

People that always think are able to do 10 times or 100 times more works than what normal people can do. This is the reason why I always berate people that make me confused if they have fun in a place that they should have fun, if they work hard during their working hours, or if they sleep when everyone is sleeping.(At an interview in the company newsletter for December 1980)

I may be evaluated as a Korean entrepreneur that runs a large global company but I'm nothing more than a rich worker. (At a banquet for celebrating the acquisition of an honorary doctor's degree in business administration at George Washington University in the U.S. in 1982)

I get up early in the morning all my life because I get thrilled and excited about what I have to do that day.(At a training camp for new employees in July 1983)

I am happy with my life because I see this world beautifully, brightly, hopefully, and positively.(At a special lecture during a summer training camp for new employees in July 1983)

Workplace must be a place for your own development, not for earning money.(At a training camp for new employees in August 1986)

Every person has good luck and bad luck at the same time. If you can work happily, that's your good luck. Hard workers hardly experience bad luck and people who are blaming on their back luck are normally lazy.(At the Liberal Arts Lecture for Citizens at Gwangju MBC in July 1991)

You have to engrave your failures upon your mind deeply. Those who forget their failures experience another failure.(At the construction site of an expressway in Thailand in 1966)

Making ship is nothing difficult. The only difference is that we do construction works on the waters instead of doing them on the land.(While examining the construction of a shipbuilding yard in 1971)

Our improvement is our country's improvement and our country's improvement is our improvement.

Ialways start with preparing land for plants until today and I drive stakes into the ground and make roads myself to build every single plant on the ground.

For a success of a company, all venturesome information, effort, and courage are essential.

National competitiveness depends on which country or company seeks for alternative policies to respond to new changes quicker and more properly.

We've gotten stronger by withstanding and overcoming intense ordeal.

There is so much to do if you look on the bright and clear side of the world and want to make yourself useful in this society.

A country that can honestly respect and praise people who fulfill their duties in each part of the society diligently and excellently can develop rightly.

We have to foresee the future with a great dream and a positive blueprint.

All development of humanity has been achieved under the initiative of people with positive thinking.

Although people say 'time is money' in general, I want to change that to 'time is life'.

Real knowledge is obtained through direct experience and that is the way to learn true values.

If there is no way, you can find a way and, if you can't find a way, you can always pave the way.

Ordeal is something to jump over, not a thing to stumble over.