HD HYUNDAI SAMHO is building a dream, with first-class shipbuilding and marine products that meet the needs of the 21st century.


Strategies of Automation

We are changing the way we work, using drawing automation and 3D models for detailed blueprints and production design, and utilizing 3D models in production technique/production. Through Smart Factory we play a pivotal role in the shared growth of partner companies.

Detailed design
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[Structural drawing ] 3D Model - Drawing automation [3D model utilization ] production technology, production

Production design
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[fabrication drawing , Plating drawing, working drawing ] steel plate model - Drawing automation [manufacture drawing / Installation drawing ] plumbing model - Drawing automation

Smart factory
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single model - Residual layout , Auto-Cut single model - Auto-layout, Auto-Cut

Strategies of Big Data

[Creating Big Data’s Digitalization]
We are using big data acquired through feedback from research institutes/industry and production/quality feedback that considers customer needs and assists our business partners to realize digital win-win solutions.

  • Research-Center/Industries-Universities
  • Customers
  • Production/Quality
  • Customers/Business Partners