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Quality Management

Quality Products for the best value, and the most valuable thing to
HD Hyundai Samho is customer satisfaction.

The best technology, talent, experience, and know-how all contribute to the synergy of our processes, enabling us to deliver fast initial response times and quality interactions. We are striving for complete customer satisfaction, and these skills are what drive the success of each project.

The Latest Autonomous Quality Management System Q3S
The Latest Autonomous Quality Management System "Q3S"
Quality Start
Proactively identify customer needs and propensity
Quality Siren
Sharing quality concerns, and highly active quality control systems
Quality Special
Pursuing technological advantage by promoting experts
New Construction Remote Survey(NCRS) through Q3S processes based on DT.
  • Smart Quality Control

    Smart Quality Control
    1. Operating ERP-based Quality Management Computer Systems
    2. Utilize state-of-the-art inspection equipment (such as 3D scanners, PMI, PAUT equipment, drones, etc.)
    3. Inspection management using smart devices (tablet PCs, smartphones, etc.)
    4. Utilize software dedicated to quality control (Smart Quality Control)
  • Running a Quality Management System

    Running a Quality Management System
    1. Operating ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
    2. Operating a Defective Product Cost Management System
    3. Establishing a self-inspection system (LINE QC System)
    4. Customer Satisfaction Survey and Improvements
    5. Observe basic quality expectations and boost quality control inspection(12 basic rules of quality)
  • Quality cooperation amongst business partners

    Quality cooperation amongst business partners
    1. Pursuing Valuable Win Win Together Outcomes
    2. Win-win with partner companies through the Quality Ambassador Program (technology sharing system)
    3. Establishing a system for sharing necessary data, such as product management standards and technical data