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Subcontractors Initiate Breakfast Meetings for Inf

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  • Creation Date 2015-10-16
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Subcontractors Initiate Breakfast Meetings for Information Exchange

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) revealed that its subcontractors have voluntarily initiated a breakfast meeting to share information and address issues on product and safety in a more proactive manner, as the shipbuilding industry is facing headwinds from home and abroad.

Amid the rapid fall in oil prices, demand for offshore drilling rigs, as well as commercial vessels, has dried up, putting a damper on shipbuilders around the world. Against this backdrop, more seamless cooperation with subcontractors and partners has been especially called for, in order to hold up well during tough times.

HSHI, for its part, has sought to foster harmony with its subcontractors with an array of programs, for example creating a Win-win Fund and offering bonus, holiday incentives, tuition fees, and even residence to employees of subcontractors. Also, HSHI selected ‘safety officers’ among them to detect and report hazards at workplace.

An employee of HSHI said, “Information sharing between subcontractors can enhance cooperation, which can lead to productivity gains. Hopefully, this will help us overcome the current predicament.”

The meeting is held every weekday at 6:20.

■ Photo: heads of HSHI subcontractors are sharing information on safety and production in the breakfast meeting.