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Three State-of-the-art 174K m³ LNG Carriers Named

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  • Creation Date 2015-10-26
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Three State-of-the-art 174,000 m³LNG Carriers Named

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) held a simultaneous naming ceremony of three cutting-edge 174,000 m³ LNG carriers ordered from Greece-based Maran Gas Maritime. The ships were respectively named Ajax, Achilles and Agamemnon after Greek myth heroes on October 22.

The naming ceremony was held in the presence of Mr. John Angelicoussis, chairman of Maran Gas Maritime; Mr. Ha Kyeong-jin, CEO of HSHI and other guests.

The fleet measures 290 m in length, 46.4 m in width and 26.4 m in depth. The membrane-type LNG carriers are incorporated with dual-fuel propulsion system, fuel-saving propeller attachments called Hi-Fin (Hyundai End-plated Cap Fin), and specially designed Hi-Rudder that help minimize the wave friction. Moreover, thanks to improved installation system of the LNG tank, the ratio of liquefied natural gas being re-gasified during transportation can be reduced to 0.085% from the conventional 0.1%. In sum, the fuel efficiency of these LNG ships is up to 5% better than other vessels of the same type.

Maran Gas Maritime, one of the subsidiaries of the world’s leading Angelicoussis Group, has ordered a total 10 LNG ships to HSHI, out of which six remain in the order book.

A member of HSHI said, “HSHI seeks to beef up its technology in LNG carrier construction in light of the bullish outlook for shale gas.”

■ Photo
CEO Ha Kyeong-jin of HSHI, Chairman Angelicoussis of Maran Gas Maritime and other guests are having a photo session after the simultaneous naming ceremony of three 174,000 m³LNG ships.