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HSHI built 100 large ships through the largest on land construction system in the world

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HSHI built 100 large ships through the largest on land construction system in the world

Hyundai Samho built 100 large ships through the largest on land construction system in the world

- lift 39,000 ton of LNG carrier and move 350 meters for 3.5 hours.
- Broke the Guinness Book Record of the largest ships constructed through the on land construction system which was 15,000 tons of ship.

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries has successfully built its 100th ship at the on land construction berth, breaking the world's largest record for the movement of heavy goods since the completion of the construction of on land construction berth in 2008.

Hyundai Samho successfully completed the process of moving the 174,000 cubic-meter LNG carrier into the floating dock on 16th of December, 2019, which was ordered by NYK.

The vessel is 297 meters long, 46.4 meters wide and 26.5 meters depth, and weighs 39,000 tons, moved around 350 meters for three and a half hours and an average of 1.8 meters per minute.

This ship's weight was twice more than the 15,000 ton of the vessel which was listed on the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest vessel built on land construction berth.

So far, 47 tankers have been built at the on land construction berth, with 19 gas ships, 18 bulkers and 16 container ships. Among tankers, in particular, six ships equipped with LNG DF systems, which have recently been in the limelight, were also built there.

On land construction system is a method of construction of the vessel on land, and then moving ships into the floating docks and launching them.

Normally, this system has been less productive than the dry dock system and many shipbuilders have failed to secure the newbuilding orders and thereby have closed down their business during the period of economic recession.

However, Hyundai Samho has been able to overcome the economic depression and procure the new building orders by improving the productivity of on land construction berth better than dry dock system by using self-driving lifting carriers which can lift up to 41,000 tons.

Recently, Hyundai Samho increases the construction capacity of LNG carriers more than twice at the on land construction berth and they can annually build 8 LNG carriers. Due to the continued boom in LNG carriers market, the company was able to secure stable newbuilding orders comparing to other shipbuilders even during the recession.

Hyundai Samho expects to achieve 1.8 trillion won in sales this year alone at its LNG carriers on land construction berth. The figure is 40 percent of its annual sales.

"On land construction berth is the most differentiated part of our competitors and can maximize productivity of our entire construction capacity." said an official of Hyundai Samho. "We will actively improve our technic based on the accumulated experience and knowhow so far."

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Hyundai Samho broke the world's largest construction record and succeeded in constructing its 100th vessel at the on land construction system. The tank capacity of this LNG carrier is 174,000 cubic meters and ordered by NYK, Japan, and named "DIAMOND GAS METROPOLIS"