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HSHI, Company Name Changed to "HD Hyundai Samho"

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  • Creation Date 2024-03-25
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HSHI, Company Name Changed to

-Resolution passed at the 26th Regular Shareholders' Meeting held at Hotel Hyundai (Mokpo) on the 25th to change the company name

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries has changed its company name to 'HD Hyundai Samho' to enhance brand value and share corporate identity with the group.


On the 25th, at the 26th Regular Shareholders' Meeting, a resolution was passed to change the name from 'Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries CO., LTD' to 'HD Hyundai Samho (HD Hyundai Samho CO., LTD, abbreviated as HSHI).

The new name 'HD Hyundai Samho' was finally confirmed after extensive deliberations on company name changes, including external consulting and internal solicitation, since the group officially changed its name to 'HD Hyundai' in December 2022.
The company stated, "We prioritized enhancing the brand value that Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries possessed in the global shipbuilding market and sharing corporate identity with the group."

This name change comes 21 years after Hyundai Heavy Industries officially acquired Samho Heavy Industries, which had been under consignment management since 1999, and changed its company name to 'Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries' the following year.


In addition to the name change, HD Hyundai Samho is actively exploring and discovering new businesses and fresh sectors to prepare for the future market competition with China in the shipbuilding industry, while also planning to respond to the increasingly fierce cost competition and labor shortages through continuous innovation efforts such as AI, robotics, and digital transformation.


CEO Shin Hyeon Dae of HD Hyundai Samho stated, "With the name change as a starting point, we will return to our entrepreneurial spirit, weave the history of innovation and creation where technology, environment, and digital converge, and establish the foundation of a 100-year-old company."