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HSHI Wins Gold Prize in NQM Contest

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  • Creation Date 2015-09-16
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Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI)’ Painting Team won the Gold Prize in 2015 National Quality Management Contest, which was held in Chungcheong Province from August 31 to September 4. In the contest, the team presented a groundbreaking idea of improving the painting method of ballast water tank, which will save the company W150 million a year.

The team came up with such suggestions as “LNG-based heating facilities,” “introduction of standards and specifications for spraying work” and “drawing viewer system,” which, if implemented, will reduce the time it takes to paint the ballast water tank by 22% to 775 hours, the lowest in the industry.

Team chief Mr. Hong Seung-cheol said, “Team activities allowed us to find solutions to reduce costs, while fostering strong teambuilding. They also gave us a great pride to contribute to the company’s growth as a key player in the production field.”

In addition to the Painting Team, HSHI’s Cabin Design Team received the Bronze Prize for ideas to enhance the alignment of duct systems in cabins.